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MASELA, JPMS & OPMS Recognizing Physicians Who Graduated from Medical School 50 Years Ago

(Who are current or past members of MASELA, JPMS or OPMS)

The following physicians are being recognized this year.

(COVID-19 delayed our recognition of some physicians and as such we have chosen to honor the classes of 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 this year)


Harish Anand, M.D.,CM College, Ludhiana

Edwin N. Beckman, M.D., Tulane

Morrison C. Bethea, M.D., Tulane

Robert M. DeBellevue, M.D., LSU

A. Joanne Gates, M.D., LSU

John E. Hevron, M.D., Tulane

Rene N. Koppel, M.D., Tulane

Glenn R. Landry, M.D., LSU

John W. Megison, M.D., LSU

Robert L. Mimeles, M.D., LSU

Arthur H. Reif, M.D., LSU


Robert C. Batson, M.D., LSU

William E. Blake, III, M.D., LSU

Kenneth L. Combs, M.D., Tulane

Farokh R. Contractor, M.D., Grant Medical College

John L. DiLeo, M.D., LSU

Melvin H. Gold, Jr., M.D., LSU

Charles G. Haddad, M.D., Tulane

Iris M. Krupp, M.D. , Tulane

Leslie W. Levenson, M.D., University of Vermont

Lee R. Morgan, Jr., M.D.. LSU

Bennie Nobles, Jr., M.D., LSU

Meade H. Phelps, Jr., M.D., LSU

William A. Rolston, III, M.D., LSU

Milton W. Seiler, Jr., M.D., LSU

Eugene B. Tilton, Jr., M.D., LSU

Walter Truax, M.D., University of Minnesota

Neil Wolfson, M.D., LSU


Robert Ancira, M.D., Tulane

Lucas T. Cashio, M.D., LSU

Benjamin A. Guider, Jr., M.D., Tulane

Richard P. LeBoeuf, M.D., LSU

Russell J. Rawls, M.D., LSU

James T. Riley, Jr., M.D., LSU

A. Kenison Roy, III, M.D., Tulane

Richard L. Rubin, M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin

John Watermeier, III, M.D., LSU

William J. Woessner, M.D., LSU


Richard A. Airhart, M.D., Tulane

Dennis A. Casey, III, M.D., LSU

John B. Cazale, IV, M.D., LSU

Chris J. DiGrado, M.D., LSU

Thomas H. Grimstad, M.D., Tulane

Andre Guette, M.D., LSU

Mark Juneau, Jr., M.D., LSU

J. Monroe Laborde, M.D., Tulane

Ronald A. Landry, M.D., LSU

William Long, MD, Tulane

Rene A. Louapre, III, M.D., LSU

Carter D. Paddock, M.D., LSU

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MASELA’s mission is to unify and empower physicians in Southeast Louisiana to enhance medical care and the quality of life in our community.


MASELA’s vision is to create a medical practice environment which supports and encourages physicians’ professional satisfaction and well-being and enables them to provide accessible, equitable, and quality medical care.


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