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Policyholder-Owned Malpractice Insurance Company

LAMMICO is a policyholder-owned insurance company that provides unparalleled service and comprehensive medical professional and general liability coverage at actuarially sound rates. With our personalized claim handling, aggressive legal defense and high quality risk management education, our policyholders can focus on what matters most: their patients. LAMMICO is the largest medical professional liability (MPL) insurance carrier domiciled in Louisiana and the only “A” (Excellent) rated Louisiana domiciled MPL insurance carrier insuring physicians, hospitals and facilities. LAMMICO is licensed to underwrite insurance in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Coverage is also available in these and other states through the LAMMICO Risk Retention Group (RRG). The LAMMICO RRG supports out-of-state practice expansion of existing and new LAMMICO policyholders by providing a mechanism for coverage in states beyond those where LAMMICO is licensed. The LAMMICO RRG is licensed and domiciled in Washington, D.C. and registered to write business in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

For more information, contact LAMMICO's Marketing Department at 504.831.3756.

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MASELA’s mission is to unify and empower physicians in Southeast Louisiana to enhance medical care and the quality of life in our community.


MASELA’s vision is to create a medical practice environment which supports and encourages physicians’ professional satisfaction and well-being and enables them to provide accessible, equitable, and quality medical care.


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