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Affiliated medical societies

Physicians who wish to join the Medical Association of Southeast Louisiana (MASELA)are encouraged to join an affiliated medical society if qualified.

At present, there are two affiliated medical societies which are the founding medical societies. Other physician organizations are invited to affiliate with MASELA. MASELA wishes to observe the rich history and traditions of its founding societies, and looks forward to these future celebrations.

Founding Affiliated Medical Societies

Jefferson Parish Medical Society

In 1959, thirty-five Jefferson Parish physicians realized that the patients and physicians of Jefferson Parish needed to have their own voice in Louisiana’s medical affairs.  This group of physicians petitioned the Louisiana State Medical Society to charter the Jefferson Parish Medical Society (JPMS).  At the same time, Jefferson Parish was building West Jefferson Medical Center on the West Bank and East Jefferson General Hospital was a distant dream.  The goal of the organization was and remains to, provide a strong, unified voice for patient advocacy and professional development for the physicians in Jefferson Parish.

From the core of 35 physician members, the Jefferson Parish Medical Society now has over 300 members - men and women of every race, ethnic group, and creed devoted to our profession. Our membership is composed of physicians in every specialty and working in every practice setting from solo practice to large institutions.

In April 2009, Jefferson Parish Medical Society celebrated 50 years as the major advocate for Jefferson Parish physicians and their patients.

For more information about JPMS, go to

Orleans Parish Medical Society

In April, 1878, thirteen doctors met to form a local organization to be affiliated with the Louisiana State Medical Society, formed earlier in the year. A number of physicians’ organizations had been formed before, but only one other had been successfully sustained. At the first meeting, the following objects were included in the preamble of the organization’s constitution: (1) The union in this society of all the reputable members of the regular medical profession, residing in the parish, and cooperating with the medical profession throughout the state in sustaining the Louisiana State Medical Society. (2) The advancement of State Medicine, i.e. of Public Hygiene (or Preventive Medicine), of Medical Education, of Medical Jurisprudence, and of Public Institutions for the sick and infirmed. (3) The cultivation of medical knowledge, and particularly of such parts thereof as may be of special importance to this parish and State. (4) The elevation of professional character and attainments, and the promotion of the welfare in all matters relating to medical science of the profession and of the public.

The first emergency meeting of the new Society was held on August 12, 1878. There was no secret about the crisis that drew them together in the medical department building of the University of Louisiana, at University Place and Common Street, exactly sixteen weeks after the Society was founded. It was the City’s most recent yellow fever epidemic. When the physicians gathered, they hoped that they could share information about their patients’ cases and, through comparison, they could identify how the saffron specter could be vanquished. Another responsibility of the new organization will be to evaluate the credentials of physicians wishing to be admitted to the Society to ensure that they are qualified doctors. The Society, as a chartered society of the Louisiana State Medical Society, will uphold the ethical principles of the American Medical Association and will expect its members to do the same. Since 1878, Orleans Parish Medical Society has continued to be active in many public health issues, including tobacco cessation and the pandemic of 2019. Many of its officers and members have served in officer positions within LSMS and the American Medical Association.

It has a rich history which is captured in a book entitled, “Crises, Clashes & Cures.”

For more information about OPMS, go to

Affiliation Process (as contained in the Constitution & Bylaws)

The Medical Association of Southeast Louisiana invites physician organizations to affiliate.

Section I. Definition of an Affiliated Medical Society

Medical societies/associations registered with and in good standing with the Secretary of State are eligible to affiliate with the Association.

Section II. Affiliation Process

To affiliate with the Association, a non-founding medical society shall indicate its desire to affiliate with the Association. This request shall be in writing, shall indicate the will of both the members of the society wishing to affiliate and its governing body, and shall be signed by authorized members of its governing body. The Board of Directors of the Association may accept the request by majority vote.

A medical society shall adopt its own bylaws and other rules. An affiliated medical society or association must agree in writing to abide by the bylaws, policies and rules of the Association, including those pertaining to membership and dues collection to support the Association, and must agree to affiliate for a term of at least two years.

Membership in affiliated medical society/association is not required for a physician to join or be a member of Association.

If an organization wishes to discuss affiliation with MASELA, email or call 504.302.1900.

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